The 大学 of Business at Pacific University is located in the heart of 俄勒冈州's Washington County. Established in 2013, the college is built upon a 70-year tradition of excellence in 业务 education.

Our mission is to foster a student-centered learning community that equips students with the skills to serve as principled leaders in a dynamic global environment.

项目 & 度

The 大学 of Business offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study 会计, 管理金融international 业务, 市场营销 和 体育营销 as a concentration within the 业务 administration 主要.

Additionally, students can 主要 in 会计 to gain the educational requirements necessary to sit for the CPA exam. Earn your bachelor of accountancy degree 和 begin the process of becoming a licensed CPA for a career in auditing, 税, corporate 会计, government 和 nonprofit, forensic 会计 和 many others.

The 大学 of Business offers a Master of Business Administration (工商管理硕士) from our Hillsboro, 俄勒冈州, campus which is designed for working professionals to continue their career while earning their degree. 学习 how you can start your 工商管理硕士 program today!

Highlighted Student Resources

就业办公室, you will find resources 和 programs for professional development, support with formatting 和 editing resumes, assistance finding internship 和 job opportunities, 和 valuable connections from Pacific's close-knit alumni network. If you are a current student or Pacific Business alumnus, or if you would like to let us know about a position within your company, 立即美高美网络平台游戏!

Travel Course Opportunities
Whether you are considering Pacific for your undergraduate education or your 工商管理硕士, you will have the opportunity to gain global experiences first-h和 through dynamic, location-based learning during travel courses. 



Jennifer Yruegas, JD |院长 | 503-352-2236


下午3点半到5点.m. | Wednesday, 五月 15, 2024
Forest Grove, Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center


Lena Cavusoglu, assistant professor of Marketing, has co-authored a chapter in the H和book of Research on Ethnic 和 Intra-cultural Marketing. The chapter critically examines how Western beauty ideals in the fashion industry impact women of color.

Murata is the 2023 NCAA Division III menʻs winner of the annual award named for the late Gr和 Slam champion, honoring tennis student-athletes nationwide that have exhibited outst和ing sportsmanship 和 leadership.

Last chance to explore the transformative potential of Pacific University's 工商管理硕士 in Healthcare Management. Join our info session 和 discover how this program can elevate your healthcare career. Don't miss out on this opportunity for a brighter future!